TEA's Mission Statement

The Excelsior Academy seeks to support families to be successful in their home education endeavor by helping them to homeschool in knowledge and confidence. These goals are met by:

  • Empowering families with accurate information that allows parents to make informed decisions for and with their children, and helps parents and children to profit from and fully enjoy the years that they engage in home education.

  • Serving as an objective, informed voice in helping families make decisions, find solutions to challenges, and set goals and expectations.

  • Enabling families to comply with Maryland’s home instruction regulation while fully meeting each child’s individual educational needs.

  • Staying informed of state and federal policy shifts that may affect homeschoolers.

  • Serving as a general resource for information on materials, resources, opportunities, etc. for students and parents.

  • Providing opportunities for parent/educator training and development.

  • Providing students and parents with high school, college, and career counseling.

  • Offering opportunities for teens to socialize and engage in leadership.

  • Giving parents and students opportunities for networking within the homeschool community.

  • Encouraging parents and children as they engage in this nontraditional style of education and affirming them in their decision to do so.

  • Making home education an increasingly viable, credible education option, and promoting it to the wider community, including elected officials, governmental agencies, colleges, business, the military, etc.